Logo Design Through i4 Solutions

Business, Internet Marketing, Website Design Why would I choose i4 Solutions to design a logo?

While a logo is simply an image, it is an image that defines a brand.

They also design with users in mind, meaning you receive all of the files and file types needed to place your logo on everything from business cards to billboards. How many revisions do I get with my logo design? Depending on the service provider, revisions may or may not be included in your design costs. If you design with i4 Solutions, every package includes at least one round of revisions where you can modify elements, change colors, or adjust shapes. Depending on your design package, you may also have multiple logo concepts included with your design, which can all be revised. Can I get help obtaining a registered trademark of my new logo once I’ve chosen the final design? Yes, we have an excellent relationship with a law firm that specializes in intellectual properties and obtaining the proper registration of them. Since your logo is considered a major part of your brand, it is also a good idea to create a website policy with the permissible uses of the logo outlined for those who wish to share it with others. How can my color choices for the design affect the way that people respond to my logo? Although everyone has different tastes when it comes to logos and branding for their businesses, you may want to consider some industry-standard factors. For example, if you create your logo in a manner that is easy for those with color blindness to recognize; you’ll enjoy the extra exposure to that group of people. Further, we recommend selecting colors that are on opposite ends of the color wheel for an impactful presentation. Thus, if your logo were designed with the colors yellow and blue, it would stand out more to the human eye because they are at opposite ends of the viewing spectrum. For more information about contrasting colors and creating a style guide for your business, please consult with our design experts.

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